If you’re like most patients, you dread having cavities filled. But what if you could have a cavity filled with a material that kills bacteria and prevents tooth decay? Some scientists at the University of Pennsylvania recently evaluated a new filling material that kills bacteria without compromising its durability.  Superior to Existing Antibacterial Filling Materials.. read more →

If you’re interested in saving money, (and who isn’t?) you probably focus your money-saving strategy on the things you can afford to do without. For the most part, that’s a wise approach. A penny saved is a penny earned! Cutting out your morning Starbucks runs, avoiding snack purchases when you get gas in your car,.. read more →

If someone were to ask you what you do to stay healthy, you might reply that you visit your family physician at least once per year for a checkup (and as soon as possible if you are injured or become ill). You might note that you attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, exercise (at.. read more →

Over time, it can be easy to lapse into an attitude of “if they aren’t broken, why fix them?” about dental care. Let’s face it … going to the dentist and holding back your urge to swallow while someone pokes around in your mouth with their fingers, sharp objects, and cumbersome tools is not typically.. read more →