Doctors and dentists have long known of a link between oral health and overall physical health. After all, the mouth is part of the body, and any infection in the body can lead to trouble in other areas of the body, or even systemic infections. Today, research shows that oral health i is strongly linked.. read more →

It is safe to assume that, at least in the United States, any licensed dentist can fix your teeth. That said, though, not all dental practices are right for everyone. Some are not familiar with the latest techniques, or do not have an approach that meshes with your style. Some specialize in specific patient groups.. read more →

Dental technology has evolved rapidly over the past half century, and it has absolutely exploded in the past decade. Today’s dentistry is virtually pain free, high-quality porcelain dental crowns can be made while you wait thanks to CEREC, and dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Yet today’s breakthroughs are just.. read more →