Meet The Doctors

Website Dr GaHilarie Galloway D.M.D. joined our team in September of 2011 as an associate with Dr. James Austin. In April of 2014 she became a full partner in the newly formed practice of Family Dental Care of Bellevue.  Dr. Galloway grew up on the east coast in Maine. After graduating high school she attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry in May of 2006. She then went on to attend the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine where she graduated in May of 2010 earning her Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. Dr Galloway furthered her education and experience completing a general practice residency program with high marks in July of 2011 at the Danbury Hospital, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. She is a current member in good standing in the following organizations.

  • American Dental Association
  • Washington State Dental Association
  • Seattle King County Dental Association

Dr. Galloway has very quickly developed a devoted following of patients from kids to adults who love her gentle touch and dental skill. You will notice her strong commitment to customer service and patient satisfaction.


dr. belinda songBelinda Song, DDS

DDS: University of Washingon
School of Dentistry
Seattle, WA

BA: Psychology
University of Washingon
Seattle, WA

Residency: General Denistry
San Antonio VA Hospital
San Antonio,TX

I’m so incredibly fortunate to be able to say that I absolutely adore my job! I wake up every day excited to go into the office because dentistry is something I truly enjoy. I am passionate about being a lifelong learner, and dentistry requires always staying current, as techniques and technology are constantly changing. I am a member of several associations and local groups where I meet with other dentists several times a month to continuously keep my body of knowledge fresh. I strive to provide the best possible care to my patients in every way possible, and keeping up-to-date with new developments allows me to stay on the cutting edge.

I love a lot of things about my job, but I think that my favorite part is really all the people who have trusted me to help them obtain healthy smiles. My philosophy involves providing excellent clinical care, but also being able to do that in a way that is relatable. I love working with people and do everything I can to put them at ease. Being friendly and taking as much time as needed to answer questions to keep my patients informed goes a long way to building relationships. I love hearing about my patients lives, and seeing kids get taller every time I see them! For me, that is always the highlight of my day.

Outside of work I really enjoy hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My hobbies include cooking, baking, and I have recently learned how to knit. It is no surprise that I chose to go into dentistry; it has allowed me to blend my love for working with people and the ability to work with my hands every day. To me, dentistry has always been my way to connect with those in my community while doing the most I can to help them lead healthier, happier lives.