Family Dental Care of Bellevue Testimonials – Patient Feedback

Does anyone enjoy going to the dentist? I do. I have been a patient of Dr. Galloway’s and her great staff for many years and have always been pleased with my experiences. Dr. Galloway is gentle, attuned to the fear vs. oral health quandary, she uses cutting edge technology, her work is outstanding, and she has flexibility in scheduling. Several years ago I asked if Invisalign could possibly straighten my over-50 adult teeth, due to my narrow jaw, my nearly crossed front teeth and my age. Thanks to Dr. Galloway I now have a beautiful smile as well as a perfect bite and no more TMJ issues! I have never once felt a needle prick or experienced any pain while sitting in Dr. Galloway’s chair, and that includes during crowns (which take only one sitting!), replacement of fillings and many routine cleanings and checkups. I highly recommend Dr. Galloway to all of my friends and anyone who may experience dental anxiety. A visit to Dr. Galloway’s office is like a visit with friends – you’ll be glad you went.
– Joyce

Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time in the dental chair over my years and have had a handful of dentists since childhood. For the last six years I have had the pleasure of being in Dr. Galloway’s care. From my very first visit I knew I had chosen the best. Her confident relaxed manner put me at ease immediately. The office seems to keep up with all the latest technology which as a dental consumer I appreciate. I love the one appointment crowns with no temporaries or icky impressions. The office has convenient hours for my schedule and rarely am I ever kept waiting. The whole staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always very helpful in wading through the confusing insurance issues. I feel very comfortable in recommending Dr. Galloway’s office to anyone.
– Mary

A friend recommended Dr. Galloway to me after she had great results from her Invisalign Braces. I came to the office after having visited other dental offices that had only extreme suggestions to correct my teeth. Dr. Galloway was confident that I could experience a big improvement with Invisalign. She was right. I am thrilled with my results and have continued to be a patient for all my dental services. They value my time and rarely have I waited. The staff at the office is so nice and helpful that I consider them friends.
– Julie

I appreciated the integrity in your advice regarding the removal of wisdom teeth and the progress of cavities.  Others had notified me of impending complications but in a more intimidating manner than a friendly, advisory, experienced manner.  Your knowledge of your trade and experience in communication left a positive feeling regarding your practice.  I will continue to refer customers.  Thanks again.
– Pete

Never in my life (or my many moves around the country) have I ever had a dental team like yours. You know how I dread visits and you do everything possible to make my visits as pleasant for me as you can.  Plus, everyone gets along in your office and there is no tension in my visits (except my own internal tension and I’m working on that). Thanks for a great experience and an incredibly professional manner exhibited by all your personnel.
 – Stephanie

I went to Dr. Galloway when my former dentist of twenty years retired.  On the first visit I was pleasantly surprised at the relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  I have always felt stressed about having my teeth worked on.  When I walked in, I noticed the seasonal decor and smiling faces of the office staff, they appeared to like being there.  As the hygienist examined my mouth, teeth and gums, she was very thorough in her explanation of what she was doing and why. Dr. Galloway followed up with her assessment of the x-rays and did an exam of her own. Fortunately, I had regular exams with old dentist, so I did not need a lot of work done.  I asked about replacing an unsightly gold crown that could be seen when I smiled. I was told that they had a cancellation the next day and the job could be completed in one appointment with the Cerec technology that was available in their office.  From the digital x-rays to the Cerec technology, I am impressed with what the Dr. Galloway has to provide.  I believe that she is very knowledgeable with the latest technology.  I have recommended her and her staff to many of my friends.
– Debbie