Happy Visit

We at Family Dental Care of Bellevue are committed to starting your child’s dental career off on the right foot. Your child’s first dental visit is very important, and can often determine how your child will view dental care now and as an adult as well.  Your child’s baby teeth are very important.  Learning how to take care of them at an early age is very important to your child’s long term dental sustock5ccess. That is why we have developed the “happy visit” concept which begins ideally with your child’s very first dental visit.


The only objective of the “happy visit” is to introduce your child to dentistry at your child’s own individual pace.  A typical “happy visit” appointment might include a ride in the dental chair, playing with the squirt gun and getting kisses with the slurpee straw. Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that is the point. Our only objective with these visits is to introduce your child to dental care in a non threatening, fun environment.


We advise our  parents to start bringing their children to our office as young as three years of age. We often encourage them to bring them along when the parents have their own teeth cleaned.  For a shy or nervous new patient, the first visit may include simply meeting the staff and making a trip to the toy basket, or it could include a complete examination and cleaning if our new patient wants us to. Through years of experience, we have found this technique allows us to create familiarity and trust with our new young patients, and because of this they look forward to coming back in for their future dental visit.  In two words… It Works!

Please contact our office in Bellevue at 425 643-5778 to set up a new patient happy visit for your child. We have been serving patients from Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah and many other Eastside areas for over thirty years.