14 Sep 2019
September 14, 2019

6 Benefits of Using Dental Sealants

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Dental sealants are used to protect your teeth from cavities. Your dentist can apply a dental sealant to your teeth quickly and you can have it renewed every year. With proper care and regular maintenance, dental sealants can make it easier to maintain the health of your teeth. Here are six benefits of using dental sealants.

Photograph of a young girl with brown hair having a dental procedure performed by a dentist.

Reduce Cavities

The main benefit of dental sealants is that it prevents against cavities. When you eat, any food left behind mixes with the bacteria in your mouth and creates a corrosive acid. That acid eats away at your teeth over time leading to cavities. Applying a dental sealant to your teeth stops the acid from eating away at your teeth. While it won’t prevent the acid from forming, it will protect your teeth from long-term damage. 

Protect Permanent Teeth in Children

Dental sealants can be applied to children’s teeth as well. For children, this can be a big benefit since it can protect permanent teeth. Children often have diets that are high in sugars, acids, and other minerals that can wear down their teeth quickly. Sealants are especially useful for children’s back teeth, which is where most of children’s cavities are found.

Prevent Acid Erosion

Other than cavities, dental sealants can protect your teeth from other problems, like acid erosion. Acidic foods can wear down the enamel on your teeth, making them vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. The sealant can stop acids from coming into contact with your teeth, which prevents damage and preserves your smile.

Last Up to Four Years

Teeth sealing is a painless and easy procedure, and you don’t have to have it done often. Proper application and care mean that you can have your teeth sealed every four years. Not every case will last that long, but it is not uncommon for a teeth sealing treatment to last several years. This is especially nice for children since they won’t have to sit through the procedure again.

Protect Uneven Tooth Surfaces

Imperfections along the surface of your teeth can trap food and lead to tooth decay. However, you can use dental sealants to cover some of those imperfections. The sealant fills any gaps or dips in your teeth to create a smooth, even surface. This helps prevent bacteria buildup and decay. It can also give your teeth a smoother, more even look.

Painless Procedure

One of the biggest benefits of dental sealants is that having them applied is painless. Your dentist begins with a thorough teeth cleaning. That way, nothing is trapped under the sealant. The dentist uses an acidic solution to prepare the surface of your teeth, which needs to be slightly rough to bond with the sealant. Your teeth are washed one more time.

Once your teeth are thoroughly dry, your dentist applies the dental sealant. Your entire mouth is treated before moving on. The application process does not take long. The sealant is cured using a UV light. It will harden in place to create a shell around your teeth. The most uncomfortable part of the process is the teeth cleaning, which is no more strenuous than a regular cleaning.

Ready to Get Started?

Family Dental Care of Bellevue can help you seal your teeth. It is a painless procedure that we do often, and we can help you with a variety of other procedures. If you are ready to take the first steps toward improving your dental health, call us at 425-643-5778 today to make an appointment for your initial consultation.

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