Dentures were long the only reasonable option for replacing failing or missing teeth. Today, though, there is a better choice. Dentures rest on the gums, leading to slipping, pinching, and difficulty chewing. Dental implants, though, actually replace the tooth roots, providing a strong and supportive base for replacement teeth. Although they are a bit costlier than dentures at the outset, dental implants are truly worth the investment. Here are some reasons why.

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Long-Term Costs

While dentures are less expensive initially, dental implants tend to be less costly when amortized over your expected lifespan. The reason is that dentures typically need to be relined every year and replaced every few years. With proper care, dental implants can easily last a lifetime. If initial cost is of concern to you, ask your dentist about implant-supported dentures, which use as few as two implants to stabilize a removable full-arch denture.


It is true that today’s dentures are remarkably lifelike, but they can shift and slide during laughing, chewing, or talking. The clasp on a partial denture may be visible, and a full upper denture has a hard plastic palate. For these reasons, dental implants are considered a far more aesthetic solution.


With nothing to stabilize them, dentures are supported by the gums and are prone to slipping, pinching, and rubbing. These problems are worsened when eating chewy, crunchy, or tough foods. Dental implants integrate with the jawbone, providing a comfortable and secure base that vastly increases comfort.

Strength and Stability

Traditional dentures restore only about 25 percent of natural bite strength. Denture wearers commonly complain that they are unable to eat their favorite foods, such as steak, corn on the cob, or taffy. Dental implants restore more than 90 percent of bite strength, allowing wearers to enjoy even tough or chewy foods.

Future Oral Health

Tooth loss triggers a natural process of resorbing the gum tissues and jawbone into the body. This gives many denture wearers a sunken, wrinkled, prematurely aged appearance, and can cause even well-crafted dentures to become loose.

In addition, dentures can cause sores and chronic inflammation in the mouth. These conditions not only make wearing dentures uncomfortable, but can impede your daily hygiene routine. You may even be at heightened risk for gum disease.

Dental implants protect your future health by replacing the tooth roots, thereby reversing the process of resorption. They provide a stable base that does not allow the replacement teeth to slip, reducing the risk of sores, inflammation, or gum disease.

Like any treatment, dental implants are not right for everyone. For the vast majority of those with failing or missing teeth, though, dental implants are well worth the initial investment.


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