05 Nov 2017
November 5, 2017

Benefits of a Denture Brush

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New dentures can be a source of both excitement and trepidation. While you may be thrilled to be done with the process of extractions and to have a beautiful new smile, you might also be worried about how to care for your replacement teeth. Fortunately, using the right tools can help you keep your new dentures clean and fresh. While it is not required, a denture brush can be invaluable.

Photograph of a blue denture toothbrush.

What Is a Denture Brush?

As the name suggests, a denture brush is a toothbrush that is specially designed to clean dentures. Each side generally has two separate heads: a flat head for the smooth surfaces and a single-tuft head with tapered bristles for the replacement teeth and artificial gums. A denture brush should also have an ergonomic handle with a textured grip. It can take longer to clean a denture than to brush your natural teeth, especially when you are first learning, so it is very important for the denture brush to feel comfortable and easy to manage.

Advantages of a Denture Brush

One of the biggest advantages of a denture brush is the softness of the bristles. Both the acrylic palate and the porcelain replacement teeth can be scratched rather easily. Scratches create the perfect spots for food particles and debris to settle, making it tougher and tougher to get the denture fully clean. The very soft bristles of a denture brush prevent scratching, keeping the material smooth and making it easier to thoroughly clean. 

In addition, the single-tuft head is uniquely crafted to get into the hard to reach areas around the artificial teeth and gums. This further improves oral hygiene, making it less likely for food debris or bacteria to accumulate.

Disadvantages of a Denture Brush

Of course, each denture is custom crafted, while denture brushes are sold “off the rack.” This means that not every denture brush is an excellent fit for every denture. You might find that you need to try a few denture brushes before you find one that works well with your denture. In some cases, you may be unable to find the perfect fit at all.

In this case, it is generally best to switch to an ADA (American Dental Association) approved denture bath. You can find tablets and cleaning solutions in your local drugstore. You will need to soak the denture overnight or according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and must rinse for one full minute after soaking to remove chemical residue before placing the denture back in your mouth.

A denture brush is not absolutely required for proper oral hygiene. Some denture wearers get good results from a soft toothbrush, while others prefer to use a cleaning solution. For many people, though, a good denture brush is a powerful tool in their quest to keep their dentures sparkling clean.


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