If you have just found out that you need yet another round of dental work, you might start to wonder whether it’s really worth trying to save your teeth. After all, fillings, root canals, crowns, and other procedures can be pricey, time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. You might start to fall in love with the idea of having all of your teeth pulled and replacing them with a set of dentures. Unfortunately, this is a case of wishful thinking.

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Dentures are not a one-time investment. You will face a lifetime of other issues instead. Trading in your teeth for dentures means trading in one set of annoyances for another. Here is what you should know.

Dentures Are Not the Same as Teeth

It is true that, until recently, dentures were the best option for replacing teeth. Still, they have never been a true replacement. Even high-end, carefully fitted dentures rest on your gums. They pinch, slip, and cause mouth irritation, and restore only part of your bite strength. You may be unable to eat sticky candy, tough meat, and other favorites such as corn on the cob. They can slip at inopportune times such as speaking or laughing, potentially causing embarrassment.

Bone Loss Will Occur

Your teeth are attached to roots in your jawbone. When the teeth are pulled, the bone structure starts to resorb into the body. This leads to premature aging and a sunken appearance around the mouth.

Prepare for Regular Adjustments

Thanks to the bone loss, dentures do not fit properly for a lifetime. They must be regularly relined, adding soft material to the inside of the plate. The exact timing for relines depends on your unique oral structure and the rate of bone loss, but failing to keep up with relining makes it highly likely that the dentures will fit worse and worse over time. This makes it more and more likely that they will slip or even fall out.

Dental Implants

Nothing is as good as your own natural teeth. If there is a way to save them, it is worth the trouble. However, if your dentist has told you that your teeth are truly failing, dental implants may be the best alternative. Dental implants are tiny slivers of biocompatible titanium that take the place of tooth roots. This prevents bone loss and securely anchors replacement teeth. Dental implants will not slip or fall out, and can restore as much as 99% of bite strength. You can eat, laugh, and talk with confidence. One dental implant can support one replacement tooth, while just a handful can secure a full arch of replacement teeth.


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