What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the closest alternative to your own natural teeth. Tiny biocompatible titanium posts are implanted into the jaw, taking the place of tooth roots. They fuse to the jawbone, providing a stable surface for tooth restoration.

Depending on your needs, your dentist can replace a single tooth with a dental implant and crown, or replace a run of missing teeth with a bridge secured to implants at both ends. With strategically placed dental implants, it is even possible to replace all of the teeth in your mouth with secure, stable, natural looking implant-supported bridges.

Although dental implants are most commonly associated with fixed tooth replacements that are cemented in place, they can also be used to secure removable dentures. Particularly on the lower arch, an implant-retained denture is far less likely to slip out of place than one that is not supported. This is an economical alternative for those who do not want to absorb the higher costs associated with fixed solutions.

Dental implants are a wonderful solution for many people, but they are not right for everyone. Your dentist will perform a thorough exam to determine whether implants are a good choice for you. In some cases, you might need bone grafting or other procedures to ensure that the implants can properly fuse to the jawbone.

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