28 Nov 2011
November 28, 2011

Dental Care for the Whole Family

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Dr. James M. Austin has been practicing dentistry, specializing in family dental care for over 30 years. His patients range from age three to eighty three and beyond. “Family Dentistry” encompasses a large range of differing dental care but a focus on the individual person and their needs is always a very important part in the delivery of care. At the practice of James M. Austin DDS we care about each individual patient and our treatment is uniquely tailored to each individual patients needs.

Our dental services include:

  1. Dental cleanings to maintain healthy teeth for all ages
  2. Periodontal cleanings to preserve bone and restore dental health to the supporting jawbone and general overall health of the individual by reducing chronic inflammation which has been linked to heart disease.
  3. One appointment CEREC crowns using Emax porcelain, the strongest porcelain on the market today. No longer do you have to wait for two weeks with a temporary crown for two weeks. We design, fabricate and seat your crown in about 90 minutes from start to finish.
  4. Invisalign treatment for both adults and teenagers.
  5. TMJ treatment using a variety of treatment options with the goal of eliminating chronic jaw pain.
  6. Implant placement to replace lost teeth.
  7. Routine cavity control composite restorations.
  8. Smile enhancement treatments for patients of all ages.

If you are looking for a dentist who practices family dentistry in Bellevue, please give our office a call at 425 643-5778 or visit our website at familydentalcareofbellevue.com for more information.

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