26 Oct 2011
October 26, 2011

Don’t like to Floss? AirFloss!

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A new product by the makers of Sonicare toothbrush has been developed that can take the place of flossing. This product is called the Philips AirFloss. This is great news for many of Dr. Galloway’s patients who don’t like to, or can’t find the time to floss. This new device shoots microdroplets of air and water in a targeted manner between the teeth. Instead of water, your favorite mouthwash can also be used. This targeted spray has the ability to remove the biofilm called plaque from between your teeth the same way flossing does. The difference between flossing and the Philips AirFloss is the ease of use. For some patients flossing is just to difficult. With the AirFloss you simply push a botton to activate the sprayer, moving from tooth to tooth throughout your mouth. The process can be completed easily and simply in about 60 seconds. To watch a short video showing how this new product works, simply click on Airfloss.

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