The subject of body weight can be a tricky subject for many people, but it is increasingly looked at as an indicator of health. While there is not always a correlation between weight and overall health, weight has been tentatively linked to diseases and worsening health rates. Even in children, several correlations between weight and health have been looked at. One of these is oral health.

Oral health can affect your overall health in several ways and researchers are looking to see if it is related to childhood obesity. The theory is that better oral health will lead to fewer cases of obesity. However, there is still a lot of data to be looked at. Here is a look at the connection between good oral health and childhood obesity.

good oral health and obesity

What is Good Oral Health?

When studying the effects of oral health on other health factors, it is important to define what good oral health is. While many people it assumes having healthy teeth, it is much more than that. Researchers are looking at good oral health as a series of positive habits that lead to a healthier mouth. This includes brushing your teeth daily and going to the dentist, but also watching what you eat. You can brush your teeth all day long and still have bad teeth if you are eating and drinking the wrong things.

For many of the studies about oral health, researchers see good oral health as several factors. Daily oral care practices is a big component of this since it shows that subjects are actively involved in maintaining their oral health. They also look at what they eat. People that eat more sugar often have less healthy mouths and bodies. In this case, that is where the connection between oral health and obesity occurs.

The Connection

The connection between obesity and good oral health is believed to be the point where your habits influence your weight, and your weight influences your habits. For example, researchers think that kids that eat healthy foods and have good oral health habits are more likely to have a more appropriate weight for their body structure. This, in turn, is expected to influence their self-esteem which will motivate them to be healthier. It becomes a cycle of positive influences and that is where researchers are looking to understand and make a difference.

Researchers also think that the opposite is true as well. For example, kids that eat unhealthy foods often have unhealthy weights and dental habits. In terms of obesity, researchers are looking for that connection between obesity in kids and oral care habits to be there. Some evidence is available to support this, but there is not enough there to make a definitive connection yet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there appears to be a connection between oral health and childhood obesity, but it is not rock solid. If you want your kid to have a healthier weight, then you can start with better oral care practices. This should instill a level of confidence and motivation to improve their health, which will help them focus on losing weight and being healthier. Take advantage of this and use it as a way of helping your kid be healthier.

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