One thing is certain. Americans love to have perfectly straight, white teeth, as evidenced by the demand for at-home teeth whitening kits, whitening toothpastes, DIY teeth whitening remedies, and professional teeth whitening appointments scheduled at dental offices. American movie stars, models, and corporate CEOs are known for flashing picture perfect smiles.

Straight teeth and success

But do straight and white teeth make people successful? It appears that having a beautiful, white smile does give people an advantage. One study evaluated how people were perceived in an interview setting after the applicant’s teeth had been whitened to see how they were perceived and the results support that straight, white teeth gave people an edge.

More Likely to Be Hired

People with whitened teeth were more likely to be hired than those who didn’t have their teeth whitened. While it isn’t clear if this is because of increased confidence from having a more beautiful smile, or if it was due to how they actually looked, any job applicant that wants an increased chance of landing their dream job should take note. Scheduling a professional teeth whitening appointment could make the difference between getting the job or not.

Higher Salaries

The research showed that when they were offered the job, those with whitened teeth were offered higher salaries than those without. This means that not only are those with whitened teeth more likely to get the job, they’re more likely to make more money than peers who didn’t take the time to maintain a beautiful, white smile. This can have an impact on lifetime earnings potential that creates a cycle. Those with whitened teeth could earn more money at each position they work, which adds up over the years. These candidates then have more money available to pay for dental care and teeth whitening procedures.

Viewed as More Professional

Study participants with whitened teeth were perceived as more outgoing, professional, and confident. As mentioned before, it is possible that the participants had more confidence as a result of the teeth whitening. However, people with better overall hygiene and that seem more put together with their appearance naturally seem more professional and successful.

Scheduling a teeth whitening appointment is more than just a simple cosmetic procedure. As research shows, people with whiter teeth can make more money, have an increased chance of landing the job, and can improve how other people perceive them. These benefits can have a big impact on their overall lives.

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